Hardware Services

Hardware Services


In SJtechnos We deal with all types of computer hardware to provide better working environment to our clients. By using the client_server architecture technology , we have provided very efficint and economical solutions to different schools,colleges and other organisation all over Odisha.We are expert in computer Hardware related sales and services which includes:Sales and Repairing of Laptop , Desktop, Printers, Server and storage and everything related to it. High quality professional service at affordable cost is our motto.

We operate both online and in physical manner, and we also serve individual consumers, businesses, or both.We also offer repair and maintenance services for computers and other hardware. We always provide the latest hardware trends and technologies, as well as the needs of our customers.We maintain relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure that they have access to the latest hardware products at competitive prices.

"Good customer service is also important for computer hardware dealers, as customers may have questions or concerns about the hardware products they purchase. We always try to provide technical support and guidance to their customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchases. "